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Matisyahu – Spark Seeker [Album Stream]

How should I categorize this album? Electronic-hip-hop-fancehall-pop-world? Matisyahu's genre bending album, Spark Seeker was officially released today. It has hip-hop elements, use of traditional Middle Eastern instrumentation, electronic production, dancehall riddims, pop hooks, spoken word and even ambient – all perfectly woven together like a Challah.

Spark Seeker is a deep listen both in terms of the complexity of the sound and personal evolution of Matisyahu. He shaved his beard, left the Jewish community in Brooklyn, changed up his management, moved his family to California and is self-releasing his music. Matisyahu shed his skin and revealed to the world his inner self – a very human one.

This record is a reflection of the individuality of Matisyahu and the songs within are anthems about change and the search for truth. His musical career has been a real trip and as a fan I'm excited to turn the page and open a new chapter with him. And yes, this album has some dope beat-boxing too. Matisyahu said today, "This record is dedicated to those of you who see beyond the surface. Seek the Spark." Stream Spark Seeker below and purchase the album on iTunes.

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