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Her Kingdom EP by Kill Them With Colour & Kwikfiks [PREVIEW]

Normally, I shun previews, teasers and those non-delectable tasters that get sent our way. Call me new-fashioned or just simply greedy, but I tend to follow the mortal words of the late Sean Parker - let there be download. But today, I was overcome by a new double-ep project entitled "Her Kingdom", as it combines 2 of my favourite artists involved in the Only At Night - Vol. 1 that Earmilk launched some months ago, which -- I must say -- I thoroughly enjoyed (and google tells me you all enjoyed it as well)

Both respective parts of the EP “Her” and “Kingdom” are a summation of the different sounds and styles that Montreal producer Kwikfiks and BC/Toronto producers Kill Them With Colour are due to release on July 13, 2012.

So what's really happening here? Well, a historical look at these two artists would likely show different genres & styles then the two would normally produce, but when approaching this collaboration the two camps found themselves exploring some new avenues, moods, and pushing the cream of their production ability in the hopes to touching on a new audience & sound that (at least to this humble'ish writers ears) sounds quite refreshing...

“This is how Kill Them With Colour and KwikFiks cross-over.... it seems that we've both retained this playfulness in our music, where we don't want to be pointed in one strict direction” - Danny Vee (Kwikfiks)

The idea to create a separately produced yet joint release of "Her Kingdom" grew out of the two sharing stages and discovering that they also share the same ideals and values when it comes to producing and DJing. In far more tangible terms - the two of them as a back-to-back line-up paint an incredibly natural sound that bystanders can not avoid the impact of.

 so without further ado, I present for your approval - Her Kingdom

Her EP (Preview)

Kingdom EP (Preview)

Bonus (from Only At Night Vol. 1)

      01 I Love You
Download: KwikFiks - I Love You

      12 Grab A Hold
Download: B∆SSCULT - Grab a Hold (KTWC Side Project)


Kill Them With Colour



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