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Anitek - "Sound Bite"

Before listening to Anitek's "Sound Bite", do yourself a favor. Turn. Up. That. Bass. Anitek is a trip-hop music producer hailing from the state of New Jersey taking influence from Bonobo and Fat Jon. He's not too shabby with instruments either, being well-versed in the guitar, cello, drums, clarinet, and scratch DJing. Not to mention he's a fan of orchestral jazz, lounge, and ambient makes for quite the mix.   

"Sound Bite" is one helluva trip-hop tune. The most stand-out aspect of this track is the deep droning constantly playing the background, which contrasts with the lighter effects played through the piece. In addition, Anitek incorporates scratching to an extent in the track, making "Sound Bite" an extremely dynamic song even though it's quite linear on paper.

This dark track really hits the spot when I want to feel like a badass. There isn't too much else to say about this track, other than you should definitely listen to the rest of Anitek's music. It's quite the collection and you won't be disappointed.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/46944135" iframe="true" /]

Downtempo · Trip-Hop


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