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Groundislava - "Weekend in the Tropics" [Premiere]

With temperatures slowly warming and pale skin increasingly being revealed from underneath layers of heavy wool and polyester, our minds are now, slowly but surely, turning to summer. With that in mind, it's harder and harder to listen to deep, spooky, chilling sounds and far more appropriate to set our lives to something more tropical and chill-out. Groundislava, thankfully, has us covered with his upcoming TV Dream EP, out June 26 on Friends of Friends. The EP, available for pre-order on Bandcamp, takes sometimes-vacant summer vibes and injects them with just enough introspection for a set of five tracks to keep you feeling plenty playful. It's not all pure summer joy, with a track title like "Tower Jump Suicide" in the mix, but even that track has a sportive feel overlayed on top of the more minor tones.

Below, we've got the exclusive premiere on opening track "Weekend in the Tropics," the perfect foundation for your summer driving playlist. Get that shit started before it's too hot to think. No excuses now! 

1. Weekend In The Tropics
2. TV Dream (Feat. Clive Tanaka)
3. Tower Jump Suicide
4. Salt Of Love
5. Reflecting

TV Dream EP

Chillout · Chillwave · Dance · Electronic


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