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Bluesteady Triptik - We Dig [Beat Tape]

Earlier in the month, crate digging enthusiasts Bonbooze, Gsq, and Irhu, collectively known as Bluesteady Triptik dropped their We Dig beat tape which is a 33-track compilation featuring beats from over 30 Italian beatmakers.

Download: Freshbeat - Turn Off The Lights

While names like Digi G'Alessio, DJ Mbatò and Freshbeat probably aren't as well-known here in North America, this collection of Italian beatmakers have been making a name for themselves in Italy and abroad. Crate digging enthusiast and fans of sample-based hip hop production will find that the beat tape offers a bountiful selection of beats and instrumentals from some talented producers. Preview several tracks off the beat tape and follow the link to grab a free digital copy of We Dig.

Download: Oyoshe - Jazzy Sunday In Naples

Download: Kappah - For The Fusta

Download: Bluesteady Triptik - We Dig [Beat Tape]

Beat tape · Hip-Hop · Soul


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