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Tango In The Attic - "Easybones" (Inspired Flight Remix)

The first thing that caught my attention, before I knew anything about Tango In The Attic, was their quizzical name choice. The idea of me doing the tango anywhere, let alone in an attic is quite amusing, but nonetheless the band's name was intriguing enough to elicit a listen. This proved to be a worthy decision, with the Scottish band's 2010 release of Bank Place Locomotive Society receiving acclaim across the board. Two years later, the band is primed and ready to release their follow-up to 2010's success with Sellotape, set for digital release on May 28. Having already dropped the first two singles from the album-- "Mona Lisa Overdrive" and "Pawprints"--yesterday the band let loose a third track, "Easybones" (Inspired Flight Remix).

Download: Tango In The Attic - Easy Bones (Inspired Flight Remix)

Judging by the first two singles, Sellotape will showcase a progression in the band's sound from Bank Place Locomotive Society, moving to a more garage-rock sound, heavy on the feedback and compression, yet still retaining their signature lo-fi quality. The Inspired Flight remix of "Easybones" turns that new sound back a notch, creating a drifting, echo-filled soundscape, which floats along until about midway through Inspired Flight imprint a downtempo electronica break.

In case you missed the love we gave to Inspired Flight on our Daily 2% – Chilled and Ready to Serve, here is their amazing remix of "Wonderwall." Don't cast off the "Wonderwall" remix before you hear it, Inspired Flight took the Ryan Adams’ cover of the Oasis song and inserted songs by Radiohead, Bob Marley, The Postal Service, Morcheeba, Simian, and Blur.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/6411106" iframe="true" /]

As mentioned, here are the two previously released singles off of Sellotape--Mona Lisa Overdrive and Pawprints. Both tracks reflect Tango In The Attic's revamped, raucous sound. Mona Lisa Overdrive has already received the video treatment, so peep that and download Pawprints below.

Download: Tango in the Attic - Paw Prints

Tango In The Attic will be touring extensively across Britain, Europe, the U.S. and Japan after the album is released, along with working on a follow-up EP which is set to drop this Fall. Inspired Flight is also making the rounds this summer, and are set to play at Electric Forrest and Camp Bisco, along with a few other shows.

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