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Soko - "I Kill Her" (Hannes Fischer Remix)

It's a bit hard to categorize Hannes Fischer's remix of Soko's hit single "I Kill Her." It's glitchy beat kicks in from the beginning, but never really takes over the song the way many remix beats do. Rather, it eases you into the gentle guitar riff that ultimately sets everything up for Soko's talk/sing vocals. According to her facebook, she's a gloriously lost soul. "I have no life. I just love vegan ice cream and cats and romance and turquoise and sleeping and old notebooks and shooting stars and Netflix. And I may or may not be an Alien." Rumor has it that she's also an actress, and I'm hypothesizing that she uses that jaw dropping french accent to hypnotize the men of Los Angeles pretty regularly.


Download: Soko - I Kill Her (Hannes Fischer Remix)

Indie · Psychedelic


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9 years ago

where can I download this motherf***king delicious track?!

Ronnie Evans
Ronnie Evans
9 years ago
Reply to  WJKwatson

By clicking on the "dowload" link under the song, it will download ;)