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Carousel - "Let's Go Home" [Video + Premiere]

A short while ago, Boston's Carousel lit up the Indie Scene with "Where Have You Gone," -- essentially transforming overnight into one of the most talked about new bands of the year, and raising the bar for fellow Indie-Pop competitors of new. Having recently graduated from college, the trio looks to focus everything on their music now -- something that we at EARMILK, among many others, are ecstatic about. 

Similar to "Where Have You Gone," Carousel's latest single "Let's Go Home" combines gentle Pop elements with a subtle Dance feel, offering a soundscape that can serve as both something to dance to as well as fuel for an excellent daydream. The airy vocals combined with an overall "feel good" vibe makes Carousel's music an easy sell for any audience. Spearheaded by "Let's Go Home" and it's corresponding video, their Summer campaign is in full swing, premiering here on EARMILK.

Download: Carousel - Carousel - Let's Go Home

The video provides a yearned for visual aesthetic for fans, who previously had to base their vision's of Carousel on a handful of pictures and here say. By itself, the video isn't going to take you to another dimension in the way many videos try to do. Instead, it focuses on the simple reality of being a band, venturing through the recording process, brainstorming and finalizing with a live performance. It offers an inside look at the men behind Carousel, who come across as a delightful bunch. Keep an eye out for them in the future, we're putting our money on them hitting the main stage sooner rather than later.

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