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Trevino - "Backtracking" / "Juan Two Five"

What's up with everyone in drum and bass switching it up and making 4/4 tunes these days? Drum and bass don Marcus Intalex took the plunge when he showcased his tracks on  the Electronics Explorations 178 show under the Trevino moniker. With releases on 3024 and Naked Lunch earlier this year, Trevino returns with more house and techno flavors on his forthcoming release on relatively new label The Nothing Special.  

Both tracks on this record are on a lush and laid-back tip, while backed with heavy bass kicks and active, jumpy hi-hats.  "Backtracking"  starts things off with a syncopated bass lead, while chilled-out piano chords and pads blend in and completes the big picture. The real gem here is the flipside "Juan Two Five" (aptly named for its 125 bpm tempo). This one is almost guaranteed to be a huge club track, which features an insanely addictive analog mid-bass line backed with some beautiful harmonious pads.  Be on the lookout for more Trevino releases as he has stated that he has more upcoming 4/4 material on Apple Pips and 3024, so stay tuned!

(TNS002) The Nothing Special: Trevino - Backtracking / Juan Two Five EP 

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Dance · House · Techno


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