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Death Grips - "Hustle Bones" [Video]

For those familiar with Death Grips, their new video for the album-highlight "Hustle Bones" will seem exactly like what you'd expect from the inventive hard-ass hip-hop, but that doesn't make it bad in any way, quite the opposite. The kind of music found on The Money Store is thrilling enough to keep you - not inspired but - fuckin' feelin' it. And that's what they're doing. The primal inspirations in Stefan Burnett's growling vocals and Zach Hill & Andy Morin's gnarled beats gain new life through images in this love-it-or-hate-it crude-aesthetics video. 

After all, what else do you need to illustrate "Hustle Bones" other than a drying machine, drugs (yeah, I know, I want that much weed too) and Stefan's always welcomed badassery? This is only for those that can differentiate between simple and simpleton.

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