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Artist Remixed - Dada Life [Part 2]

There are thousands of popular artists out there today making new singles all the time. With the increase in bedroom producers, though, the ability to simply download a whole studio that you can use right on your lap has made original songs more scarce. Now it seems that you're finding tens of thousands of remixes by artists with more and more ludicrous names, leaving you wondering, "Viking Sword Bro- what?" This weekly segment will bring you the popular remixes and the never heard of "Viking Sword Brothers" remixes of a (common) artist's singles. From all these bedroom producers we are seeing one thing, and that is absolutely fantastic, manipulated, warped remixes.

Olle and Stephen are two of the most positive producers I've ever met. Their shows scream energy as they play their electro house bangers (always) over a packed crowd. It seemed only fitting that one day I would write an "Artist Remixed" on these two electro house legends. Below I've packed a full 25 songs of all the punch, kick, snares and bass you could ask for in an Artist Remixed. This week I've tried to expand on my genres of music so it 'ever more' matches your personal taste. While searching for remixes I found an obscene amount so instead of cutting down my enormous list I've decided to split this week into two segments so you don't miss out on going 'bananas' from all the Dada Life that shall be racking your brain for the next little while. Enjoy.


Let's start this week's post off right with your weekly dose of bassy bananas. The SoniXx remix begins with heavy bass that breaks down at the first drop and completely takes apart the the original "Happy Violence," using its catchy melody. Dirtyloud's remix is one of my favourite remixes of Dada Life's single "Unleash the Fucking Dada." From the initial pause and break intro to the heavy bass and kick coming in that follows the same sound structure you're simply captivated by the whole remix. It's heavy, grimey, full of filth and 100% fresh and creamy for Earmilk. At Dawn We Rage does another great job with Dada Life's single, changing the intro into a climatic build which comes back down with a classy robot voice. Enjoy. 

Download: Dada Life - Happy Violence (The Sonixx Dubstep Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Unleash the Fucking Dada (Dirtyloud Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Unleash The Fucking Dada (At Dawn We Rage Edit)


This is the second week I've featured a Dead CAT Bounce remix and I hope it's not the last. This duo is constantly raining a tyranny of heavy thrashing head bangers upon Earmilk. The latest being their remix of "Unleash the Fucking Dada," which literally has orgasm sounds layered into the track. Don Rimini's remix is another high energy mix of thrashy white noise as it takes the low key "Let's Get Bleeped Tonight" and makes it aggressive and terrifying. Beef Theatre makes amazing work of the vocals from "Fight Club is Closed" and manages to still keep its heavy side. Saber's remix is just short of being labeled electro house, yet it still has enough punch and kick to keep it racking your brain around your skull. Last but certainly not least is The Chaotic Good's remix of "Happy Violence," which starts off making amazing work of the vocals weaving them through highs and lows until the main melody plays in a 8-bit style until the drop where you get your heavy side of the remix. Enjoy. 

Download: Dada Life - Unleash The Fucking Dada (Dead CAT Bounce Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Don Rimini Still Skill Kill Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (Beef Theatre Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (Saber Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Happy Violence (The Chaotic Good Remix)


This week's electro house remixes are some of the heaviest and glitchiest I've ever heard. Religion's remix sets the tone with his use of the calm original vocals and an uplifting melody that slowly turns into a peaking build where it comes crashing back down with a high energetic synth and heavy kick. After hearing Caveat's last remix of Dada Life that was my overall favourite in Artist Remixed - Dada Life [Part 1] I was expecting big things and big things were delivered. Caveat works his magic once again with his electro wobble and funky sounds. Uppermost's remix was another that completely blew me away. I fought hard over the idea of picking it as my favourite this week so kudos, Uppermost. If you're familiar with Uppermost then you're familiar with his heavy beat and break style of deconstructing a song into something completely new. He takes apart the original and throws it back together with a pause-break style using heavy kicks and snares. Enjoy. 

Download: Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (Religion Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Happy Violence (Uppermost Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Happy Violence (Caveat Remix)


Life Express's remix of Dada Life's "Happy Hands and Happy Feet" is a brilliant use of the original vocals, turning them into a huge roller coaster, creating a high peaking climax for a progressive build and then taking everything he gave away with smooth layering and amazing transitioning through sounds. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Feel It's remix is less progressive house and more tech house but the smooth build half way through with the eerie vocals from the original have just enough melodic build to be considered prog. Enjoy.  

Download: Dada Life - Happy Hands and Happy Feet (Life Express Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Love Vibrations (Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Feel It Remix)


This week's moombah section is kept smaller with only 2 remixes from duo No Body. If it's not Dutch house these two are pumping out then it's energetic moombah that can capture the essence of a slow BPM, big house kick, and high energy sound. Their remix of "Happy Violence" starts off as the original but switches the structure of the main beat with a big room sound. No Body's remix of "White Noise Red Meat" on the other hand instantly comes off with huge moombah signature sounds as the original catchy melody slowly works into the remix. Again, No Body work their typical big room sound using a slower BPM and a smooth tribal beat. Enjoy. 

Download: Dada Life - Happy Violence (No Body Remix)

Download: Dada Life - White Noise Red Meat (No Body Remix)


Kaskade and Dada Life's single "Ice" was one of the biggest hits on Kaskade's album Fire and Ice. Smoke and Mirrors do the original more than justice with their remix that builds up to a climatic drop where they layer in a big room beat that matches the original. I'm sad to say (honestly) that Hardwell's remix had me expecting huge things; mediocre was the result. Think differently? Please say why below in the comments, I just find that it's lacking Hardwell's usual style of a huge house sound that can captivate any crowd's attention. Bassjackers raised my hopes with their huge remix of "White Noise Red Meat," which, yet again, uses the original melody that made the original so popular and works in their own specific style of dirty Dutch house. "Let's Get Bleeped Tonight" is a fairly low key original track yet Monsters of Graveyard turn it into a dirty Dutch remix with energetic synths and a big room sound that takes highlights on all the Dutch house remixes. Enjoy. 

Download: Dada Life - Ice (Smoke and Mirrors Bootleg Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (Hardwell Remix)

Download: Dada Life - White Noise - Red Meat (Bassjackers Remix)

Download: Dada Life - Lets Get Bleeped Tonight (Monsters Of Graveyard's Disco remix)


DHG's mashup is a great mix of using Sak Noel's vocals from "Loca People" with The White Stripes' energetic melody and beat of "Seven Nation Army." Myndset, on the other hand, uses the beginning of Dada Life's single and transforms it into a progressive house mashup that takes the aggressive side of "Kick out the Epic Motherfucker" with Micheal Wood's "Full Access." N3AKO is no new name to mashups and his mix of Alesso's "Raise Your Hand" with Dada Life makes another huge mashup taking the intro of Alesso's single and comes crashing down with Dada Life's electro. Enjoy.

Download: Dada Life - Kick Out The Loca Army Motherfucker (DHG Mashup)

Download: Dada Life - Kick Out The Full Access Motherfucker (Myndset Bootleg)

Download: Dada Life - Raise Your Epic (N3AKO Mashup)


My overall favourite remix has to go to Plast!C Youth, which from start to finish is simply breathtaking. Slowing down the tempo, Plast!C Youth slowly creeps it back up through a intense build until the drop where this British duo comes in harder then ever before in a aggressive yet catchy style of keeping the original rhythm but blending the noise through high peeks of grimey wobble and a deep gratifying bass. Enjoy. Make sure you check out the links below for Plast!C Youth's media outlets to get a ton of more free stuff. 

Download: Dada Life - Cookies with a Smile (Plast!C Youth Remix)

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9 years ago

Dammit, my iPod gets inundated by Dada Life Remixes! :D
Thanks a lot!!

9 years ago
Reply to  Shooock

Hey No Problem! :) make sure you check out Part 1 of Artist Remixed - Dada Life

9 years ago

the no body happy violence remix is tiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhttt