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A$AP Ferg - "A Hundred Million Roses" [Video]

In case you don't remember... A$AP Rocky (and Mob) are slated to drop their debut record LongLiveA$AP this July. The first single "Goldie" might tide you over 'til then, but probably not. So, that's why I'm happy to bring you another sickly sweet hit of methadone (in form of music video) known as "A Hundred Million Roses," by Mob member A$AP Ferg. Let's peep it.

What am I seeing here? Purple (of course) tinged visuals courtesy of director ICU, the life of (of course) excess that A$AP Mob(bers?) indulge in: fancy suits, beautiful women, expensive looking alcohol, you get the idea. What's that? Yeah at 1:40 A$AP gets crucified. Didn't see that coming. MORE beautiful woman rub Ferg's sweaty, cut-up body as Mobbers pass blunts, drink 40's, and lead the crucified through NYC.

Download: ASAP Ferg - A Hundred Million Roses

So what is he saying? His struggle is comparable? Maybe. That's a bit of a stretch, but let's run with it. Ferg's words are just too trill (like the teachings of Christ) for haterzzzz to handle. In those (Ferg's) words, they (haterzzzz) see their own flaws (i.e. lack of status, wealth, women) that are easier to ignore than confront. Hence, the crucifixion. (P.S. I'm feeling some major Catholic guilt for this post.)

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