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A Sol Mechanic - "Almst (Touching)"

A Sol Mechanic has been hard at work recently, releasing Fuzzy Feeling March 20. But that by no means constitutes for a break of any kind. At least in regards to his work ethics. He has graciously released a track yesterday called "Almst (Touching)." What I soon came to realize as I delved deeper into A Sol Mechanic's work is that his tunes are very distinct and almost unconventional. What I mean by that is at first, his work seems out there and strange. However, it pulls together to make an enjoyable piece of work. "Almost (Touching)" keeps to that consistency. This dark track will provoke some feeling lingering deep within you, a feeling that you rarely feel (at least for me). A Sol Mechanic uses samples from "Everything in Its Right Place" by Radiohead, which got me excited even before listening to it. ASM has done it again.

Play: A Sol Mechanic - [Almst(Touching)]

Electronic · Experimental


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great 8
great 8
9 years ago

amazing. thanks for posting