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Billions Of Galaxies - "Depth, Beckons"

You are going to have to travel a bit out of your way for this one. As you may have noticed in some of my posts, I try to expand the diversity of musicians  in terms of countries of origin. Why? So music enthusiasts such as yourselves can have the chance to be exposed to the obscure and to the unknown lingering in the corners of the world. Billions Of Galaxies is an ambient electronic music producer from Omsk, Russia. This guy is virtually unknown to the world of music, as he only has a handful of tracks and basically no background. One of his latest tracks is "Depth, Beckons." This eight-minute tune will prod your spirits and mind with its mellowed out vibes and haunting vocals. A beat enters after about a minute, giving the track just enough spice to give it good replay potential.

Lose yourself.

      Depth Beckons
Download: Billions Of Galaxies - Depth, Beckons



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