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Michael Uzowuru - "The Immaculate Conception"

Listeners who've been keeping up with Michael Uzowuru can attest to the steady progression the young producer is making and the evolving quality and maturation of his sound. Last night, Uzii took to his Soundcloud page to deliver a new track to titled "The Immaculate Conception." The production found on the track is further proof of Uzowuru's budding potential to take his sound to the proverbial "next level." Never one to offer up generic or overproduced music, "The Immaculate Conception" is defined by its subtle percussion and hauntingly warm string arrangement. Whether producing solo instrumental projects or teaming up with rappers like Vince Staples, Michael Uzowuru's skills behind the boards are worth taking note of.

To me my songs are paintings and emotional scenes. Music is usually "marketed" to a certain type of person, or a person doing a certain thing,but I guess mine is created to be embraced and enjoyed by people who feel a certain way, whether it be happy or sad and everything in between... it's pure emotion, free to be interpreted however you'd like. -Michael Uzowuru

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/44386264" iframe="true" /]

Hip-Hop · Instrumental


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