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Introducing: Public Spreads The News

As suggested by the picture, a bicycle ride is perfect right now because the weather is beautiful out in New York. But before any of us make a move, there is an album you need to take along for your bike ride. Titled Keep Living, the thirty minutes of soft rock comes from Missouri bass player Wes Ables with self productions under Public Spreads The News. Ables started this project when an ex-band mate told him to “go fucking write your own” after trying to help with the songwriting. Those words affected Ables and thus, the results were quite productive. The band name “came from an article I read written by Bob Lefsetz. I feel it is very true can we tell each other what is going on long before a media outlet can”, said Ables. He is currently teaching himself how to make music as well as learning new instruments and working with other instrumentalists. Right now, he’s teamed up with Messier 31, who produces ambient shoegaze drones.

Keep Living will be officially released by Sunup Recordings on the first day of May. Listen to a couple of the tracks below and enjoy the sun with the easy listens of 80’s inspired melodies. 

Download: public spreads the news - triumph

      mitchell goosen
Download: public spreads the news - mitchell goosen


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