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Kaye Fox - "She Can Have You"

Regrettably, I'd be willing to bet the average R&B music listener is not familiar with R&B singer Kaye Fox. While Fox is not a household name she has brush shoulders with some high-profile names in the music industry. The Chicago songstress provided backup vocals on fellow Chicago native Kanye West's record "Lost in the World" off his critically acclaimed platinum album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. With several mixtapes under her belt, the former Def Jam signee and frequent collaborator with producer No I.D. recently released a new track "She Can Have You." The song, as the title implies, echoes an assertive sentiment which many listeners may be all to accustom to hearing or using. Check out the song and get further acquainted with Kaye Fox by downloading her 2011 compilation Kaye Is For King Interpretations Vol. 2, which features a moving tribute/acoustic cover of the late Amy Winehouse's "Love Is a Losing Game", which is also posted below.

      She Can Have You
Download: Kaye Fox - She Can Have You

      Love Is A Losing Game
Download: Kaye Fox - Love Is A Losing Game



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