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Bedroom - "Nostalgic Feel" [Premiere + Interview]

      Nostalgic Feel
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EARMILK: As a high school student and young musician, please take us through an average day of your life.
Noah Kittinger: Okay. I wake up, I get ready, go to school, not do anything, come home and make music. Some days, I'll go out and do something with some buddies. I'm working on getting a job right now so that's going to change a lot. But yeah. Basically just school and music.
EM: What are 5 things you care the most about right now?
NK: My upcoming album, getting a job so my parents will stop talking about it, finishing my sophomore year of high school so I can homeschool and get away from the people at public school , EARMILK.COM, and coffee.
EM: How do you feel about your friends in school appreciating your music versus friends around the world via the internet?
NK: Great question. Well, I honestly couldn't care less about what people at school feel about my music. My close buddies like it. They're the only ones who I told about Bedroom. Some kids find out via Twitter, Facebook, etc. and are like "What the hell is that?" or "It's weird, I don't like it". I've had some people say "Why Bedroom? Why not your name? That's so weird". But I understand. They listen to radio music, "mainstream" music. So I just don't think much about it at all. I don't like 98% of people in that school so it doesn't really bother me. I mean I'm 16 and already have people who like and buy my music. Like I've already started a future for myself, hopefully. I'm not trying to sound cocky or anything at all, but most kids my age are doing nothing with their lives. I just really wish my generation would grow up and also appreciate music more than they do. It's a beautiful, powerful thing.  
EM: Can you tell us how you began producing bedroom music under Bedroom in your bedroom?
NK: I've always made music in my bedroom, but once I started to want to put my music online, the name Bedroom came up. I came up with it in English class I think. I use that name because I make music there, and it's my escape from the world, as cliche as that sounds. Like my Bedroom is my safe place in a way. Away from people and reality in general. I'm a major introvert. I'm not much of a "people person".
EM: Are you more music or lyric oriented? If lyric is, what is your favorite line of lyrics. It could be from a classic or something you've created.
NK: I'm probably more music oriented. But I'd still love to tell you my favorite lyrics. It'd probably have to be "you don't exist, you're just a ghost to me" from Ghost to Me by Youth Lagoon. Trevor Powers suffers from anxiety, so when I heard that song I knew exactly what he was singing about and it's a really beautiful, personal song. I love it so much. He just pours his heart into it for everyone to see.
EM: When you made the EP Toys, how did you think people would take it? Are you happy with the results? 
NK: I didn't think too much about what people would think actually. My only expectations were to get around 100 likes on FB from it and have a few downloads. But fortunately, thanks to blogs, it got spread around pretty fast. So yeah, I'm very happy with the results. I hope my upcoming album will bring the same.  
EM: Youth Lagoon is no doubt an inspiration of yours but who/what else inspires you?
NK: I could go on and on and on. But a few pretty big ones, other that YL, would have to be Radiohead, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Baths, and even some old jazz music. But inspiration also comes from more than just music. Like certain situations I'm in will be an inspiration to me, or a person or something. It comes from a lot.
EM: Tell us about this song we're premiering today "Nostalgic Feel".
NK: It's about nostalgia, and how I miss being a little kid and not have to worry about anything in the world. Being 16 sucks because at this age, it's like the world is finally opening up to us and it's scary to me. If that makes any sense to you at all.
EM: Finish this sentence, Bedroom's future consists of ...
NK: I'm working on an album that will be out next month titled "Vivid". Nostalgic Feel is one of a few singles from it. Other than that, just more music and hopefully some live shows soon.
EM: Finally, what are your thoughts on 4/20?
NK: Ahh. National Weed Day. Hmm... I think it's cool that people who are interested in the same thing have a day to celebrate it. It's like they all come together to smoke weed. I think it's cool.
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