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Tycho - "Dive" (Memoryhouse Remix)

Tycho is no stranger to the art of chill, melodic tunes that will set you back into first gear. Low-gear music is his specialty, and he has got a good number of tunes under his belt to back that claim up. "Dive" in its original form is more of a poppy track than anything, with a really mellowed feel that can accompany you at the beach. Memoryhouse changes it up by adding their own personal spin. They virtually eliminate the poppy sensation of the song and replaces it with a downtempo feel. In my opinion, I actually like this version a little better than the original. The addition of more prominent effects and distortions only increases the aesthetic appeal of the song as a whole.

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      Dive (Memoryhouse Remix)
Download: Tycho - Dive (Memoryhouse Remix)

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