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Half and Half Presents: CFCF's Exercises EP [Stream]

I was in Montreal (circa 2010), visiting my girlfriend, when I stopped by an American Apparel, and this song came on. I could faintly here the chorus for 'Teach Me How To Dougie' in the background, but couldn't quite tell what song it was. I asked. The cashier told me it was a song from CFCF's Viva Radio show. Anyway long story short, the song was Bladely Snipes' 'Teach Me How To Wuggie', and my introduction was to CFCF was born. 

Right around that time he had released a mixtape for Altered Zones, (yes, that 'Teach Me How To Wuggie' song was on it as well) as well as his first EP The River. He described it as being inspired by Popul Vuh's score to Werner Herzog’s 1981 classic Fitzcarraldo, On his latest EP Excercises CFCF describes his influences as, "Philip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Borden, among others, and using institutional architecture and 70s Canadiana as a framework" The rolling piano loops, and pulsating synths score the underbelly of this fantastically beautiful EP. Also, X-Files.

Check out the free stream via Hype Machine below, and click that nice button that says 'Pre-Order' on it. Official release on April 24th, via Paperbag Records

CFCF's Twitter
CFCF's Soundcloud

 CFCF Excercises EP




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