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T.I. - "Love This Life" [Stream]

A certain Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (you may know him as TI) has released a new single, by way of Atlantic Records. "Love this Life" is the first cut off of T.I.'s faith studio album  Trouoble Man, the release of which has been set "tentatively" for this summer.

Play: T.I. - Love This Life

Songs with broad melodic beats and vaguely uplifting titles like this have an anthemic quality to them, something that T.I. seems to have an affinity for ("Live your Life", "Dead and Gone", etc.). West Coast production powerhouse 1500 or Nothin' was tapped for the beat fresh off their 7 Grammy nominations for their work on Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and the Marsha Ambrosius track "Far Away".

This is the time of year when every label and every artist start jockeying for the "song of the summer", so expect releases from most of the bigger or up-and-coming names in the coming weeks! Major labels, like hump back whales, do most of their feeding in the summer months. WHALE ANALOGY. BAM.

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