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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "Major" (Vacationer Remix)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is no small game in the music scene. Played in numerous commercials and parties (at least the ones I've been in), there is no doubt that they have caught the attention of many. One such example is the band Vacationer, who remixed one "Major", of off The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's newest album Out of Frequency. For those who don't know Vacationer, they have a poppy, feel-good tone in a majority of their songs and are fit for a good day out in the sun, with a good beat of course. Lucky for us, they decided to remix "Major".

They upped the bass, slightly warped and deepened the singing, and added a various selection of their own spices. Putting it all together, Vacationer incorporated that welcomed head-bobbing and arm-throwing fact. All in all, a wonderful remix that doesn't stray from the integrity of the original peace, yet there is a noticeable difference between that and Vacationer's remix. 

      Major (Vacationer Remix)
Download: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Major (Vacationer Remix)

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9 years ago

Love AGT. Sick remix, their album needs more love