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Canhoto Dourado - "Sun Tans and Moon Burns"

Canhoto Dourado dropped his first solo debut album, Sinistra, last Friday. Fresh from the college scene, he boasts a 20 -track album, done entirely on electronic equipment. An eclectic array of sounds are interwoven through each of the tunes, giving it a spontaneous theme. After my first listen through, I noticed he incorporates a lot of ambient backdrop coupled with semi-glitchy effects and beats. Honestly, I am not exactly sure what I feel when listening to his tunes, which almost never happens, but I like that. It makes me think about the song in a deeper level.

Djembe-like drums and a soft, pulsating ambient sound gives the start to the track  "Sun Tans & Moon Burns." With an affected snare and bass, it pulls together a mystical image that conjures in your mind when listening. It loops for a majority of the song, though there are subtle changes in the beats. Give him so love and hit the play button to start something fresh in the crowded electronic world. 

      12-12 Sun Tans and Moon Burns
Download: Canhoto Dourado - Sun Tans and Moon Burns


Electronic · Indie


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