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Little Red - "Rock It"

If it's indie you want, it's indie you'll hear from Little Red. Cranking out exuberant, sing-a-long anthems, they have quickly grown into a band that turns its fair share of ears. Consisting of five members with very different styles, they somehow manage to achieve equilibrium and diffuse danceable, feel-good tunes. With that, they quickly transform new listeners into new fans with their phenomenal use of melodies and harmony.

"Rock It" starts with a simple drum beat with a mild bass line in the background. Then comes in the catchy piano, each element in its simple form. Then the soft-spoken guitar and the airy vocalists join the fray. Soon after, at all explodes in the chorus. You can't help but dance with it, or bob your head. The song gives this inexplicable free feeling to live wild and be young. Let's pop the cold ones.

      Rock It
Download: Little Red - Rock It

Alternative · Indie · Rock


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