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Urulu - Across The Sky [EP]

A regular face around these parts, but one that continues to awe - Urulu lit the torch to our exclusive guest mix series and in that flame burned his latest release Across The Sky out now on Exploited Records. A label known to push only the charted, expect this EP to stand up to last years summer playlist with Homework's Hudson Square making room for this deep house darling. Without a doubt one of the hottest records to come steaming out of the oven in 2012, each number satiates a search for pleasure with noted house stylings while breathing fresh air on the genre. The title track is more than just your typical laid-back jam, as Urulu weaves a juicy pad through a medley of 4/4 percussion with the ease of some filter modulation to pepper swing and life.

But it's the B-side "We Belong (Together)" that will catch minds and to sum it up with the rest of the release, it feels alive. Wading through waters below 120 BPM, the track's groove is universal from the dance floor lovers relishing in deep house bliss to the fallen victim, still and wide-eyed trying to absorb it all. One can only imagine the ado coursing through his hands as he carves out such an intoxicating production. Chills to say the least, with aqueous pads and drifting strings backing a preaching choir and tribal jazz piece. There's a sense of community in all of this, something that's been lacking across the boards as of late. And to tie it all up, the track "Don't Dare" centers his work with an adieu to the old school, sirens et al. Capping off his best release yet, with a train of hype to follow.

(EXPDIGITAL13) Exploited: Urulu - Across The Sky EP

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