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Fun - "We Are Young" (Alvin Risk Remix)

In January I gave Alvin Risk a proper shout out and I mentioned this remix, and now I have the final piece to back it up. fun. is an indie group from New York, most known for their "We Are Young" video. They also had their sound featured in a Super Bowl commercial. They will be playing a bunch of SXSW shows if you happen to be in Austin.

The remix from the jack of all trades composer Alvin Risk is straight bliss. No ignorance with this blissful sound because this one's brilliant. Lately it's been hard to find non-corny uplifting music, this just disproves my statement. This tune will be a festival anthem for at least the summer. The percussion arrangement is so diverse, and the blissful church organ has this euphoric space feel to it. The drumline pattern of snares really makes the song feel epic and inspiring. After this all I can do now is look forward to his witch house EP coming soon which everyone is literally dying for. Listen at your own risk (pun intended). The song will be available for purchase March 20.

      fun. - We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix)
Stream: Fun. - We Are Young (Feat. Janelle Monae)(Alvin Risk Remix)

Dubstep · Electro · Main Stage


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