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Thrupence - Voyages [EP]

Don't get out of bed. Really. You don't have to. Just sleep through your classes, your job, responsibilities, count the dots in the ceiling, feel the morning sun on your toes. Maybe you take a hot shower at noon (if you must), then read that book you've been meaning to, text that person you like, watch some NBA highlights, Thrupence is the soundtrack to this day. Then you go to bed.

After graduating from Monash (in Melbourne) with a Bachelor of Design, Jack Vanzet made a style for himself. He's the creative director, illustrator, designer, and producer of Thrupence. Minimalist, experimental, chill, we throw around these words with little frame of reference, but in the way Washed Out embodies that which is chill, Thrupence embodies that which is Sunday, that glorious day when we all try to recover from the weekends habits, maybe taking a whole day to get up, and just do the things you love.

      01 Voyages
Download: Thrupence - Voyages

      07 Everforever
Download: Thrupence - Everforever

      08 Kickshaw (Bonus Track)
Download:Thrupence - Kickshaw (Bonus Track)

Ambient · Experimental · Indie


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