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NT89 - Voices EP

Last year was one of the most booming years to become a successful  producer, this man being one of them. NT89's way began with his first EP called Afternoon Crumbs on Sony BMG back in 2009. Over the last two years he's continued to release more EPs like Tyme, Payne or Traffic on labels like Bad Life or Southern Fried Records and gained great feedback from countless big names like 2 Many DJs, The Chemical Brothers, Tiga, Erol Alkan, Laurent Garnier, Boys Noize, Brodinski and A-Trak. So it's just consequential that his new Voices EP released on A-Trak's - half of the faboulous DJ duo Duck Sauce - label Fool's Gold.

The Voice EP is a three track package including "Voices", "Hot Signal" and "Decoder". The title track "Voices" is by far one of the greatest productions of 2012. Using a stunning voice sample as a lead synth while extremely looped drum lines drag you to the dancefloor. Spherical sounds paired with snares and quality drums are the base of unique techno tracks that come out of NT89. Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1 hits the bulls eye when she says, “[Voices] is like a George Kranz Din Da Da for the club generation.”

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