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iAM1 - "Watching" [Video]

iAM1 is described as "the sum of two people". Comprised of singer/songwriter Oli Rose and MC Jamie Wallace, the pair had the serendipidous meeting of minds whilst at university together. They blend the heartfelt and touching vocals of a singer songwriter with the poignant and often more harsh lyrics that an Mc can deliver. While I've heard "acoustic" versions of hip-hop tracks in the past and have attended my fair share of spoken word jams these gentleman capture the metaphorical flag for blending the two together and making it work. 
For anyone in London iAM1 are performing at Knew Knowledge Tuesday 13th at Camp, during an evening hosted by 1Xtra's CJ Beatz. Their EP Watching gets an official release March 19th featuring three tracks. An acoustic version, of one, entitled "Whispers" you can download for free over on Facebook right this moment and you can check out the video for single "Watching" below. The track is a dreamy fusion of hip hop and acoustic guitar. with the story being built seamlessly between the pair. 
Experimental · Rap


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