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Slow Magic - ∆ [Re-release] [Video]

I was getting all nostalgic for summer this past Wednesday, 64 degrees in Cleveland, sunny, with a few high clouds in the sky and a warm breeze. "Remember the music from last summer," I thought. "Remember how great it was?" Like magic, I got an email from the artists behind Slow Magic, a chill-wave outfit that released like 80% of my summer 2011 jams. They're working on an expanded re-release (five more tracks) of their breakthrough album, titled , and released a hazy/creepy companion vid.

Head over to their Bandcamp page to pick up some previous releases, or just wait patiently (it'll be some time in March) for 2.0.

      01 Corvette Cassette
Download: Slow Magic - Corvette

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scho wolers
scho wolers
9 years ago

Haha tell me about it, it was nice as hell out that day!!!