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Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve [Clams Casino]

Almost one year ago, Clams Casino released a remix of the track "Swervin'" from XV. And, with most of his production, you found you were introduced with an instrumental featured some of Clams' signature sound that we have all come to love. His beats always maintain a sense of nostalgia only amplified with the echoey/chill-wave effects. Now, when this remix came out everyone loved it because it also featured the witty wordplay of quickly rising MC, XV. But, maybe you don't want rhyming over your favorite beats so Clams has just released the non vocally backed instrumental to satisfy those of us who want to chill out and not have to use our brains, what's so ever, when listening to witty wordplay. Check out the track and chill.

Download: Clams Casino- Swervin (Remix Instrumental)

Spoiled but never rotten:

Download: XV - Swervin' (Clams Casino Remix)

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