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Half and Half Presents: Blawan

I wish I had done a post on Yorkshire's Jamie Roberts a.k.a. Blawan earlier. His single "Getting Me Down" (hitting number five on an Earmilk 2011 top 100 list), was easily one of my favourite songs of  last year, and this is only the tip of the iceberg (hype, hype, hype). I can promise (pinky swear) that you will be hearing a lot more of this guy in the next few months. For the past year, he has been pushing out strong and steady material for electronic taste making labels like R&S and Hessle Audio. Blawan's affinity for acid-house/basement rave house/whatever genre you wanna call it is breathing some fresh air into the drop-heavy dubstep scene. He's also doing his touring-the-Europe-continent thing, so if you are in a European city, that's cool, please check your calendar and go. 

Check out a track from his R&S released Bohla EP, as well as some links that will get you closely acquainted with Blawan.

      01 Bohla
Download: Blawan - Bohla

(Psssssss. Real talk, Grimes has been, like, at-tweeting Blawan all the time, about how much he, like, rules, which means we need to, like, support this collaboration and make sure it happens. Daps to the infrastructure of  social web 2.0 for giving me the insider info on this one.)

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