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Parker - "Nowhere To Hide" (Feat. Sarah Scott)

Voted as Bristol's best DJ, Parker released a new single via Monkey Butler today. This track is titled "Nowhere To Hide" and it features the luring voice of Sarah Scott over a bass oriented mix. "Nowhere To Hide" is crafted in a way that screams quality. From steady instrumentals to an orchestrated build up, Sarah's renditions add a soulful flare as the drop constructs this song into a sonic spree. Parker knows how to produce tracks with DJs, house, electronic, and dubstep fans in mind. When you order this single, you have the option of purchasing an all instrumental version. Don't try to pick between the two because they are both stimulating. Stream "Nowhere To Hide" below. 

      Nowhere To Hide ft Sarah Scott
Stream: Parker - Nowhere To Hide ft Sarah Scott 

Bass · Dance · Dubstep · Electro


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