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St. Vincent - "Cheerleader" [Video]

Initially, St. Vincent's new music video comes across as a crime scene, camera panning back and forth over Annie Clark's motionless body as she stiffly mouths the words of the tune. About 30 seconds in the camera zooms out, presenting what looks like a scene from an Ron Muech gallery. On a table in the middle of a white room lies Clark, subject to an crowd of gawking passerby's who walk in circles around her and stare, marveling at her 'Woman From Mars-esk' size and beauty.

Over the course of the next few minutes, the video follows Clark as she is lifted up by a set of pullies and levers, eventually moving on her own but breaking apart shortly after her first steps. The video seems to have a certain message behind it, revolving around the struggles of handling the spotlight as an attractive female, and more specifically - the effect flirtatious heckling can have on a person who has no interest in flaunting their physique. In the end the video is simply phenomenal, and provides a solid visual backdrop to the already renowned track "Cheerleader" off of her acclaimed album Strange Mercy.

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