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Fortune Howl - Spectrum Analysis [Album]

One of the intriguing elements of digital music is the ability of capturing different soundscapes. Presented to us from Florida's Relief in Abstract is a shamanist producer named Fortune Howl. Fortune Howl is a project from seventeen year old, Bryce Linde. Bryce comes from a bedroom in Orlando with a masterful taste in galvanizing beats. His latest release was a full length album entitled Spectrum Analysis on February 7th. Spectrum Analysis touches every concept of electronic music in a mildly sensual way. White noise, samples, industrial pop, bass, and glitches are all mixed in placid rhythms to create a sincere head nod of approval. You can grab the album for whatever price on Relief in Abstract's bandcamp. Below are a few of our favorites for you to enjoy.

      02 Moonspots
Download: Fortune Howl - Moonspots

      11 For You
Download: Fortune Howl - For You


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