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The Knocks - "Midnight City" (Feat. Mandy Lee) [Cover]

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I'll be one of the few people to say that I honestly don't listen to M83 all that much. Yes, I know of M83, but could I name you the most popular tracks? Unfortunately not. That being said, I have noticed a tendency of avid M83 fans proclaiming that M83 tracks should not be touched a la remixes, edits, bootlegs, etc. However, this could be before they have taken a listen to The Knocks remix/cover of M83's "Midnight City". Eliciting the help of vocalist Mandy Lee, The Knocks give "Midnight City" a more upbeat tempo while preserving the unique sound that is expected from M83. The track isn't altered in too drastic of a manner that would possibly offend die-hard M83 fans, yet The Knocks still create something that should garner plenty of respect and plays from many listeners. For an added bonus, I've included the video as well.

      Midnight City (M83 Cover)
Download: The Knocks Ft. Mandy Lee - Midnight City (M83 Cover)

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