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Salem - "Better Off Alone" (Alec Empire/ Atari Teenage Riot Remix)

Classics are meant to be emulated and songs are supposed to be remixed. This especially applies to Salem and his cover of Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone". To refresh your memory, Salem is the three parents of  witch house. They initially made a creepily compressed version of "Better Off Alone" and today, the remix is done by Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot. Empire gave the cover a less disordered but more trance like coherence. Listen to the quality of this track below.

      Better Off Alone (Alec Empire_Atari Teenage Riot Remix)
Download: Salem - Better Off Alone (Alec Empire/Atari Teenage Riot Remix)

Experimental · Indie · Witch


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