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D'Angelo - "Space Oddity" [Video]


When it comes to an artist with as much musical prowess as D'Angelo, many fans will agree: if you need twelve years to come out with your next album, please, take it. Thankfully, the hiatus seems to be over as news has been surfacing that the once-troubled musician has been touring in Amsterdam and most recently, Paris. Yesterday Questlove tweeted a video of D'Angelo in Paris' Zenith, performing songs from Voodoo and Brown Sugar as well as some new material like a cover of the David Bowie single, "Space Oddity".


 And of course, no post on D'Angelo would be complete without featuring some classics, like this powerful rendition of "Untitled (How Does It Feel)", which elicited cries of joy from fans who have been anxiously waiting for a live performance from one of the most prominent neo-soul artists of our time.

The only thing clearer than the fact that D'Angelo hasn't lost the gift is that we are more than ready to receive it. Stay tuned for more updates on D'Angelo's upcoming album, James River and other live performances.



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