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Introducing: Blonds

Those of you reading this, remember the time Blonds only had 77 followers: it will not be long before that number quadruples. These Florida-based lovebirds seem to have surfaced amidst the high volumes of indie dreampop groups and duos one must wade through. It may be because their sound is somewhat amphibious, with each track on their recently released EP Dark Roots sounding distinctly different from the one that precedes it. Or it may be because all of their tracks are likable enough for one to write more than three sentences about them. But it's probably a mix of both and for those reasons and more, this post is here to say you ought to give them a listen.


For starters, Cari Rae, the female counterpart of the duo, has me wondering if Karen O has an unknown twin sister or second cousin because her voice mirrors the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' frontwoman with awfully close proximity. Listen to "Treasure Coast" and you will undoubtedly begin to get the sneaking suspicion that perhaps Ms. O herself was kidnapped and coaxed into singing that song in exchange for a studded leather jacket or some other Karen O-esque wardrobe piece. Then there's "Sunshine Hate", a happy-go-lucky splunky tune that closely channels something that might have come from the mind of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, employing both Rae and Blonds' guitarist Jordy Asher. They switch it up again on "K.O", a tender soliloquy about salty love with an all too endearing hook and some equally catchy guitarwork. 

Check out their new video for "Kites" off the EP and download Dark Roots below.

Dreampop · Indie


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