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Trampboat - "Ah!" (Original Mix)

Trampboat is a new duo to the electric house scene and they're certainly headed in the right direction. Trampboat is from Finland and previous to their latest single and remix, the duo produced hair-raising grimey dubstep. Like most producers do at one point or another, though, they started experimenting with new sounds and genres to find a sound that was right for them, having landed on electro house they found their soft spot. They first really experimented with electro fidgets and high synths with their Calvin Harris remix, which you can find here. Today I'm bringing you their latest work titled "Ah!", which is a full of high electro synths and filthy fidget wobbles. This single was currently released by Plasmapool which, if you know anything about electro house, is one of the biggest labels growing today with names like Mord Fustang, Charlie Darker, and others currently signed. We have the full song to stream so if you liked what you heard head over to Beatport to purchase the single which you can do here. Enjoy.

      Ah (Original Mix)
Stream: Trampboat - Ah! (Original Mix)

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