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Tarot Chords - Vol. 1

Tarot Chords lay before you to conjure more than what we currently have. They tell of a future unlike our own. A future we're in dire need of. The tale of renaissance and the cold rediscovery of the creative spirit. Witch house, drag, ghost drone, dark wave, dark snyth, witch bass, zombie rave and sometimes even seapunk will find their way into the notes of this feature. These sounds are brought to "life" by composers who not only to test the boundaries of music today, but most importantly the paradigms that envelope it.

Welcome - you might hear a punky harsh synth from Crim3s (previously known as Story of Isaac), a peaceful yet haunting vocal from Holy Other, or the icy chill of Toronto's own B∆SSCULT. That's what makes this post unique - there are no boundaries and we're not likely to see any given the stage of this new "genre". With dubstep singing its swan song on MTV, witch house and the paranormal passions it brings are picking up the slack. For your consideration - Tarot Chords Vol. 1.

Most of these aren't new, but we expect you to not be warm to this type of music. Think of this as your induction, your pledge. All of this in the hopes that you see the symmetry of our task.

      02 Yr Love
Download: Holy Other - Yr Love

      07 Redlights
Download: Salem - Redlights

      02 GERMS
Download: CRIM3S - GERMS

      Oh Why (BSSCULT Remix)
Download: Balam Acab - Oh Why (B∆SSCULT Remix)

Download: Clams Casino - Gorilla

      01 Welcome
Download: Balam Acab - Welcome

      04 hearts
Download: oOoOO - hearts

      02 Days
Download: Creep - Days

      01 Ixc999
Download: White Ring - Ixc999

      02 Black Nails
Download: Pictureplane - Black Nails

      02 Better Off Alone
Download: Salem - Better Off Alone

      04 Baptism (Story Of Isaac Remix)
Download: Crystal Castles - Baptism (Story Of Isaac Remix)


      07 Burn
Download: Blissed Out - Burn

      02 GONE
Download: BL▲CK † CEILING - GONE

      heatr holmes
Download: Madden - Heatr Holmes

      07 __________
Download: † DE∆D VIRGIN † - **********

      02 X
Download: GL▲SS †33†H - X

      Above Them
Download: GuMMy†Be▲R! - Above Them

      Class Actress - Journal of Ardency(spf5 drag)
Download: Class Actress - Journal of Ardency(spf5Ø drag)

      01 STLKRFXXX - Crawl
Download: STLKRFXXX -  Crawl

      Lose You
Download: Tape3000 - Lose You

      03 These Eyes
Download: TASH WILLMORE - These Eyes

Download: Velanova - Conspir▲cy†heory

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