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Star Slinger - "Chain Dumbin'" (Feat. Juicy J, Project Pat & Reggie B)

A few months back, Star Slinger released his first official single, "Dumbin", on Green Label Sound which featured the R&B vocal touch from Reggie B. Based on everything that had come from Star Slinger before, the single was somewhat of a surprise much like when Nicolay dropped his first R&B album out of now where. But because they are so talented it doesn't really matter what direction they go because ultimately its always in a forward motion. Now, Star Slinger has switched it up again and brought a remix of "Dumbin" called "Chain Dumbin'" which features Juicy J and Project Pat. Definitely didn't see this one coming but Darren does a good job of mixing the hip-hop legends vocals over a modern dance beat. It somehow all fits. Enjoy.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/32514161"]



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