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Averos - Theme Two EP

Released through Farver (a relatively new label which is a part of the ever-growing community of extremely talented musicians working within the collective of Origami Sound), Denmark's Averos establish themselves as one of the country's best up-and-coming electronic duos. Their second EP, entitled Theme Two, sees the Copenhagen duo exploring a variety of sonic textures and moods though never sacrificing quality in any of the directions they choose to steer themselves towards.

Theme Two opens with "Stay Together," a dark work of buzzy leads and glitchy percussion mixed with vocal samples that sound as though they could easily fit into a Burial track if the instrumentation were as atmospheric. "Stay Together" drives the listen through a pastiche of eerie synthesizer harmonics, and while it could be defined as techno Averos avoids the simplified four-to-the-floor rhythms of most techno tracks, opting for skittering kick drums and layered percussion that sounds delicately placed in the mix as opposed to built upon repetitive loops.

      Farver Music - Theme Two - 01 Stay Together (Original Mix)
Stream: Averos - Stay Together (Original Mix)

Theme Two boasts four remixes and only three original Averos tracks. While each of the remixes possess their own creative character, Groj's 'Folk' mix of the more optimistic "Soun" proves to be the most memorable. Groj takes the Averos original (which is what permits Groj to create such a powerful remix in the first place) and adds subtle drum work to create a groovier version of the original, but retaining the euphoric melody and sample work to create an extremely powerful version of "Soun."

      Farver Music - Theme Two - 05 Soun (Grojs Folk Mix)
Stream: Averos - Soun (Groj's 'Folk' Mix)

The EP closes with "Forte," a dub-infused work again reverting the the slightly darker side of tonality espoused by "Stay Together" but extricating even more of the variable talent found in the duo and defining yet another type of Averos sound. Farver and Origami Sound are organizations that we can expect extremely powerful and moving work from in 2012.

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9 years ago

Absolutely great and chilled.

9 years ago

Sound like Gui Boratto had a baby, who knows how to sample.