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Frank Ocean - "4 Tears" |

Late Pass again. The New Orleans-born crooner Frank Ocean, release a new song on his Tumblr, this pass Christmas for the holidays. It bout time he released something new as we impatiently wait for Nostalgia/LITE. Christmas gifts are better late than never, pretty decent way to end 2011, frank also left a little message with the track release. You can only wonder what the OFWGKTA crooner has in store for 2012 after the year he had in 2011. Check It Out And Enjoy. Follow me @Ebonicss


i just listened to this a few times for myself. figured maybe some else needed to hear it. it’s called ‘4 tears’.

      Frank Ocean - 4 Tears.
Download: Frank Ocean - 4 Tears

Hip-Hop · R&B · Rap


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9 years ago

Glad to see Frank Ocean on here. Love his chill tunes. Thanks!