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Poor Spirits - Forever Cruising [Album]

Ex California native, Poor Spirits are a new music project and a new resident of New York. When making this transition, he didn't just move his belongings but he brought over the laid back mentality from the West to the East. The music produced by Poor Spirits are manipulated, compressed and synthesized melodies that can loosen all of your tensions.

A ten track album named Forever Cruising is Poor Spirits' latest work of art. Labeled as "Heavy Listening", the ten songs are quite the opposite. There is a pleasant delivery of every beat, as if streaming down a calm river of magically altered voices. Perhaps, the heavy described is for the potent lyrics of optimism. Below are a few favorites from Forever Cruising but the entire record is incredible. A listen of Poor Spirits is like a consumption of "Happy Pills". Follow Poor Spirits and get in touch with him for download of Forever Cruising.

      04 Untitled..
Download: Poor Spirits - Untitled..

      06 Strike Gently
Download: Poor Spirits - Strike Gently

      05 Happy Pills
Download: Poor Spirits - Happy Pills


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