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Talib Kweli - "Distractions"

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Anytime Talib Kweli involves himself with something you can almost guarantee that he will do so with passion and a true sense of authenticity. He has made no secret that he completely supports the "Occupy" movement as he sees it as the masses standing up for what they believe in. With this new track, "Distractions", he goes on to speak on all the things that are presented before us just to throw us off track. There's so much money interests in the world that it becomes hard to decipher what's real and whats done just for profit. Check out the track and let your mind question every thing you "know" to be true. Also, remember to pick up Talib's upcoming album entitled Prisoner of Conscious which drops sometime next year.

      Talib Kweli-Distractions
Download: Talib Kweli - Distractions



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