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Y/Y - Peel and Shudder [Album]

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Drop the dash because Y/Y  is pronounced as why why (mistake learnt). This is a band introduced to me at the loft of Shea Stadium. As mentioned before and if you remember, it is not the baseball stadium. Shea Stadium is a DIY apartment turned into a venue, located near Grand St off the L train. That should help future goers to this venue much better than my first set of directions. It's a very hidden spot but once found, you can find bands like Pet Ghost Project, Gunfight!, Screaming Females and The So So Glos there.

Last Thursday night, Y/Y released Peel and Shudder at Shea Stadium. Y/Y is an experimental duo with Jason Meeks and Conrad Burnham. On Facebook, they put themselves under visual pop. You can get a taste of the visual side with their video of "PlayPlay" below. That track is probably my favorite from Peel and Shudder. The electronic speed ringing is something I can't skip over. Peel and Shudder is album filled with natural and industrial sound effects. It is not for everyone but if you are alone at home or at the park, the bizarre lo-fi quality of Y/Y might trigger your creative side and enforce wild actions. Pick up a copy of Peel and Shudder on their bandcamp page.

Experimental · Indie · Lo-Fi · Psychedelic


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