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Scion A/V presents Skream & Benga

I don't know much about cars, I don't even have a driver's license, but I think Scions are pretty much just funny looking vehicles for hip dads or something. However, I am never one to say no to something free, especially if that something is good music or beer (the beer doesn't actually have to be good). Skream and Benga just released five free tracks, three from the former and two from the latter, via Scion, and they're pretty good -- this isn't an EP they threw together for some stupid promotion, these are definitely tracks that they applied their mastery of the dubstep craft to (confession: I don't even feel like a real person writing that sentence).

These tracks fall on the heavy side of the spectrum, but they still maintain an old-school feel. They've got an edge, they don't feel overly slick and polished like a lot of heavier dubstep. It's good to know we can still get down and dirty without completely losing our legitimacy. Favorites for me are Benga's "Any Steppers" and Skream's "Phat Head".

Grab the EP at the cost of an email address below!

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