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Artwork - Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

Artwork, one third of the Magnetic Man crew - Arguably the least known and yet most experienced of the threesome. Some might not be aware how essential he and his Big Apple Records Store / Label, were in the conception and birth of dubstep way back when in Croydon.

The lecture comes out of Rbma 2011 hosted in Madrid, where we also saw lectures from Doom and Erykah Badu. The story goes for 2 hours and takes us from the early days of Big Apple Records, complete with 10 second samplers, the days of dark speed garage, Horse Power, through to the signing of DMZ tracks, and the beginning of the dubstep scene.

This is probably the most complete and detailed story, told by one of the guys who was actually there, at the beginnings of Dubstep, Uk Bass and whatever other twisted genres have sprung from the two. Get your learn on.

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