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#Mashup Monday - Week 42

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO.

As I was going through the many many editions of previous Mashup Mondays, I noticed that there was one artist (who I hold in high regard) that wasn't appearing as often. Oversight? Lack of recognition? I don't know, but I wanted to make sure you guys knew. I am talking about DJ DiBella. He's had a pair of collaborative projects posted, but individually I found nothing. In light of that, posted below is my favorite track of his along with a very solid hip-hop mash.

Included in this week's edition is 3LAU's collaborative mash with Acetronik. This is noticeably more chill than what I am used to from 3LAU, but the quality is still the same. Acetronik is someone you should definitely check out as someone who doesn't focus on mainly mashups but rather creating his own stuff. Also noteworthy is DJ Trademark's new mash that can only be classified as a party starter and banger.

Had to go with a throwback and give you guys Quickie Mart's 2009 classic "Ass, Grass, or Mash, No One Rides For Free". I want to also highlight The R.O.A.R.'s mashup from an upcoming E.P. that just sounded perfect, and finally N3AKO's "Megaloud Friends" also from a future EP that is rumored to be dropping relatively soon. Be on the lookout for both, and take a listen to all.


      Party%20%20BS Two Days Straight
Download: DJ DiBella - Party & BS Two Days Straight

      Journey Without You (Journey v. David Guetta%20%20Usher
Download: 3LAU & Acetronik - Journey Without You

      Fireman in a Bentley (2011 Re-Edit)
Download: DiBella - Fireman in a Bentley (2011 Re-Edit)

      Ass Grass Or Mash No One Rides
Download:Quickie Mart - Ass, Grass, Or Mash, No One Rides For Free

      Why I Love You Song - The ROAR
Download:The R.O.A.R. - Why I Love You Song (Jay-Z & Kanye West v. The Cure)

      Werked Over
Download: DJ Trademark - Werked Over

      Megaloud Friends (Far Too Loud X Knife Party)
Download: N3AKO - Megaloud Friends (Far Too Loud X Knife Party)

      No One Feels Happy Violence for Koko
Download: Alex McGhee - No One Feels Happy Violence for Koko

      Lemons - Heartwork v. Money Maker - Ludacris feat. Pharrell
Download: Theo - Lemons v Money Maker (Heartwork v Ludacris & Pharrell)

      Bonfire Under The Bridge
Download: Vico Ono - Bonfire Under the Bridge (Childish Gambino vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers)

      Lose Yourself Till I Collapse Patiently Waiting
Download: Fytch & Jaysty - Lose Yourself Till I Collapse Paitiently Waiting

      Someone Like You v Knockin On Heavens Door
Download: Daft Beatles - Someone Like You/Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Added bonus: 3LAU's new 40 minute continuous mix which is perfect for your partying needs.

3LAU - Height of the Night

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28908862"]

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